Monday, August 4, 2008

MTV Asia Awards

Ok Well i'm going to try and keep this blog post short as I tend to have an tendency to ramble. Lets see if I'm successful. 

So I went up to Genting for the MTV asia awards recently and had a blast for the most part of it. A lot of confusion going on and the bad planni
ng for the event was very apparent.

I will give them props for the room the gave me to stay in for 3 days. Not he typical first world hotel pigeon hole. It was actually pretty decent.
I went to the press confrence and came to know pretty quickly Malaysian press either don't follow instructions very well like to do whatever the hell they want.

 It was pretty chaotic and Denise and Ut had to control the press several times when they were asking questions. Among the artist that came that day were.

Jated Leto- 30 seconds to Mars
Pussycat dolls
Loana Lewis
The Script
The Click 5
Panic at the disco
Super Junior (The biggest boy band on the planet. Korean. They had this really weird chant thing that they did which I thought was kind of gay actually. Thats just me though)
Jabawookeez (best dance crew in the states)

I admit I was kind of Starstruck having all those huge ce
lebs right in front of me. I took videos of most of them. Hopefully I will be able to upload em soon.

Next day was the actual awards and I got so called VIP tickets to watch it. Some people approached me at the gate to ask if I had extra tickets. I said no. Much later I found out that the tickets were not for sale and th starting price for the normal tickets was 1.5k. The VIP tickets were 2K+. If I had known that I would been my kiasu self and said screw the awards. I'll watch the delay from the pressroom. My only consolation was that the ones that asked me were kids. I doubt they would have had the money. Or would they? I dunno. 
After the awards there was an after party but only the really thick faced media would be going as we were not invited. Security was pretty tight. Even I had trouble accessing certain areas.
At the end though the media kinda had our own after party at Starbucks. Haha. trying to cheer ourselves up i guess. Thats pretty much how it ended. 

I net day I did something I thought I would never do. I went shopping in Genting. It really weird some stuff there is cheaper than KL. I have no friggin idea why.

I hope they have it in Kl again next year. However since this year was not exactly smooth we'll have to wait and see.

So was it short? Oklah kan.. haha

Monday, July 7, 2008

This month..or so.. in the adventures of shaz

I'm not really a frequent blogger so it would seem. Every once in a while when I got moodlah. So Anyways whats been happening with me? Well just about to start production on my 4th short film "Another Life". I usually improve from film to film. So I'm hoping the trend continues. Please stay tuned for more updates :D

I have however been watching quite a few movies. Lets face it. Compared to 2007..2008 sucks! Besides the whole prices of everything going up.... Movies this year just don't measure up...

Just to give a a reminder....

Yup believe it or not all these movies came out in the same year. I actually think the problem here is that Hollywood has actually outdone itself. Too many good movies in 2007 and not enough in 2008.

In fact when you look at the figures..

300----- $70Mill ++... 300 broke the record for the highest weekend debut in March.

Spidey 3---- $151Mill ++... Spider-Man 3 broke the record for the highest weekend debut of all time, and Spider-Man's record ($114.8 mil) for the highest weekend debut in May. Spider-Man 3 was the first film ever to gross more than $150 millions in one weekend (3 days). Spider-Man 3 had the highest weekend debut of 2007.....and then some.....

Shrek 3---- $121Mill++.... Shrek the Third broke the record for the highest weekend debut for an animated film.

Pirates 3--- $114Mill++... Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End broke the record for the highest Memorial Day weekend debut.

Fantastic 4--- $58mill++... Didn't break any records but was still a good movie I think

Transformers---$70Mill++... The movie every kids who grew up in the 80s and early 90s was waiting for

other honorable mentions are...

The Bourne Ultimatum broke Rush Hour 2's record ($67.4 mil) for the highest weekend debut in August.


I Am Legend broke The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King's record ($72.6 mil) for the highest weekend debut in December. Best opening weekend for Will Smith.[5]

Now that we've got that out of the way it pretty clear that 2008 would not be able to match up to 2007.

In fact before the summer movies started The only film I remember watching was

Both of which I had beef with. Cloverfield was good but I didn't like the fact it ended so suddenly without even explaining stuff.

Jumper was surprising good actually. Well I think so anyway. My beef was that Darth Vader was the good guy and Master Windu was the bad guy? Whats going in with the universe?

And thats it.. I mean i don't remember watching anything else after that until IRONMAN.. which in my opinion is still the best movie of 2008 so far.

Raking in $102Mill++.. it is the highest earning movie for 2008 so far. and deservingly so. I am IRONMAN right at the end. Classic. I think I watched it twice.. hmm.. then with the whole Avengers thingy going on at the end. Awesome.

Then Came Indy. Personally I think it was an OK OKlah only movie. I dunno I feel that Steven is losing it. Don't get me wrong the man's a legend and I totally admire him. Its just that tak habis habis dengan alien. The AI movie also alien.. this one also alien. Movies that have nothing to do with aliens suddenly got aliens at the end. What? anywayz screw what I think this movie is the second highest grossing movie of the year at..$100Mill++.. just slightly less than IRONMAN. I suspect it has something to do with Indy fans cheering their hero is back, and for an old guy Harrison Ford's still got it I think.




AHHHH.. this onelah! The so called new and improved HULK! but to be perfectly honest I don;t think it was so much better than the previous one with Eric Bana. For me its either just as good or worse.. definately not better. Only cool thing is IRONMAN appearing at the end for the avengers thingy again.. Apparently slotted for 2011 after the Thor and Captain America movies..

Then I watched Kung Fu Panda

Can't do much wrong with cute cuddly PANDAS! Although I was expecting better..

Right after this I watch 3 movies back to back to back.. Sometimes it can be a fun way to spend your day..

What a disaster! Not as in whats happening in the movie.. The movie itself. Really bad! from the plot to the acting. Which is kinda surprising cuz we all know Marky Mark can act.. He'll always be Marky Mark to me.. Mark Wahlberg just doesn't sound as nice.

A good movie but sinse they can do the whole bullet time thingy it still doesn't eplain why physics don't seem to apply to them. Tipu punya wayang lah this.. better than the happening though.

This was the best movie I watched that day. One of those days I got lucky and watched the best movie last. Although it's not as well at the box office. But it's a comedy/action film and it hits the nail right on the head with both. A lot of the jokes are really funny and fast if your not paying attention you will miss it. Like when Ann asked Steve "Did you see anythign when I was dancing?" He replies " Yes one time he lifted you too high". I was cracking up like a crazy person in the cinema. Thing is macam the rest of them didn't get it. I was the only one laughing. Go figure. Its also a nice bland of slapstick and verbal humor you don't see very often. I really did like it.

Last but least I watched Hancock. Now I am a big Will smith fan. from the Fresh Prince and Boom boom shake the room time lagi. However although it wasn't an absolutely bad was at best ok oklah. I actually liked Wild Wild West better.

Now that we have got movies out of the way. I will be back in KK from the 10th to the 21st to shoot my next short. Then I'll be back in KL. Then on August 2nd I have a dilemma to choose from....

I was originally slotted to go for the MTV Asia Awards. but now they are telling em that I need to book my own place. Problem is it seems as though all the 10K rooms in Genting have been taken. So either I drive back really late or sleep in my car. and that place sejuk you know. Well wait and see. On the flip side if I don't go I'll get to cover some kinda beauty pagent thingy. Under normal circumstances I would jump at that with the "manalah tau" attitude. but i really wanna go for the MAA.. seelah how.

Also TRAXX FM has rebranded fools!

Catch me on Tuesday's and Thurdays 2pm-3pm

Wed, Sat and Sun 9pm to Midnight

90.3 in the Kland Valley YO!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where's My Water?

Well I finally finished it. My short film Where's my Water? premiered in Kk last week on Thursday. Let me know what you think.

The Making is here

Monday, May 5, 2008


Ok so recently my friends and I decided to shoot another short film for another short film competition. BMWshorties. I don't know when I'm going to learn. Local film competitions are just not for me I guess. I mean go to and watch the top 10 films. 
Some of them barely have any dialogue.
One of them for sure doesn't have any. I know I sound like a sore loser. I most likely am one but really technically most of the films were lacking. They were very very artistic I'll give them that but the layman wouldn't enjoy stuff like that. I find it very hard to swallow that those films were better than mine. Oh well...
So the question now is do I become a sellout and make an artistic film or stay true to my Micheal Bay ways? 

You can check out my videos at