Thursday, December 13, 2007

eXtreme Nights

Ever heard of it... Me neither until someone from my office called me up and told me I was going for it. See what happens when you work in Traxxfm is every once in a while you get to go to functions and act like a famous person. Cuz I'm not really famous, but when I go to these function I like to act as if i am. So anywayz its like a PC fair for the 2 Fast 2 Furious crowd. Cars modified like crazy and is in no way practical. A lot of the cars aren't even Malaysian I think. There was also a model search competition, B-Boying competition, concert performers and ofcourse Traxxfm's prize giveaways. 1st is Rm6000 worth of equipment mind you.
4 Speakers in your door is normal apparently.

Img_3546 Img_3547 Just gimme one of them lah.. Freaking stingy people!

Img_3561 Img_3562 The Finalist for the model search dancing to Gimme more. This they allow but they have problems with Beyonce? Why?

Img_3538 Me Trying to look cool next to the car.


Img_3559 Prizes given away and another with a fellow supporter


Img_3544Img_3543 Two of the many models there. Think I was checking them out more than the cars. If it wasn't for security giving me a stern warning after i "accidentally" groped one of them, I would have taken more photo's with/of them. There was one is a school girl uniform that was just..right back to the cars.

Img_3540_1 Gaya..Mutu...


Small cars also got. There are some wicked toy car drifters.


Wah the cars here got makan orang also!

Img_3548_1 Gotta get one of them Gatling guns for my cars. No more traffic jams for me! Oh don't wanna get outta the way ah... Target locked..

Img_3549 Oh No they've come for me!!

Img_3550 Img_3551 This is Barricade from Transformers. He's quite nice in person and not all Decepticons are bad. don't believe everything you see in the movies.

Img_3570 Img_3572 Img_3572_1 Now this car sounded like CNY firecrackers and had fire comin outta its exhaust. When your standing behind it you can get blown away and die of carbon Monoxide poisoning .


Sir George said...

Woah dude... new Blog.. dude kasi basar bah tu gambar..hehe

The Shaz said...

You can right click and open in another tab if you wanna view the pic..Sorrylah geng I copy from Friendster bah this..