Thursday, December 13, 2007

They got me!! (short post this time)

Ok you guys know how i'm always lecturing you all about be carefull with your creditImg_3507 card details. Don't give any info over the phone and yada yada yada. 3 years in HSBC has thought me that fraud is very real so be very careful, and I am one of the most paranoid people I know when it comes to these kinda things. However even though I try my best to be aware of all this, I'd like to think more so than the average person. They got me!.. yup you are reading the words of a credit card fraud victim.

Maybank called me today and asked me if I made 2 credit card tran sactions to Airasia. So I'm like..what? Uh no. So then I realised ok maybe my sister used my credit card. Most of the time when she uses it she does ask me 1st though(most of the times) so I thought it was aImg_3508 little weird. Just as I was asking the Maybank CSR if she could call me back while i confirm with my sister, my sister calls me. So I pick up the other phone and my sister is hysterical on the other side because she was just in an accident? Whats it now? like accident 4 this year Jula? I think its because your car is too red and people just like to hit it. Well anyway I'm hysterical asking her if she made the credit card transaction and she's hysterical cuz she just got hit so you can probably guess that wasn't a very calm phone call.

Finally we get our messages across and i tell the nice lady from Maybank it wasn't me so then she gives me the name of the people that the ticket was issued to

Manfari rafqul ulum
Ailing chay

If any of you know who these two are pls kick them in the groin for me. I'm pretty impressed by Maybank actually. I mean usually when i speak to the branch staff it seems like they are missing a chromosome or something. Lately however Maybank seem to be improving. The jury is still out though. So now I gotta use my VISA.

Img_3509 Apparently its not a credit card clone. They got my credit card details from somewhere. I know a lot of ways this can be done. The easiest way actually is lets say you pay something at a restaurant with your card, they take your card take a photo of the front and back with their phone then return it you. All the info is there.

One way to prevent this is to remember what the last 3 digits on the reverse of yourImg_3514 card write it down somewhere else and scratch it off your card. You only use that number when you're making purchases on-line anyway so it's safer if its not on. Yalah I know me! pandai give advice but never do myself. Lucky I have a VISA as well so I'll scratch off the numbers and use that in the meantime.

Just be careful guys there are so many other ways you can be defrauded. Wow this is one of my shorter posts. I'm pretty proud of myself. *GIVES A TAP ON SHOULDER*

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