Thursday, December 13, 2007

If America is Astronaut..Malaysia is?

Yalah. America is Astronaut, Russia is Cosmonaut, China is Taikonaut, Malaysia is??

Can-or-not... hehe.. ok lame joke..

I was just thinking that day about this whole Angkasawan promo thing thats goin on. Is it just me or is it getting blown waaaaaaaay outta proportion? I mean yeah we should be proud that there is a Malaysian in space. Its no harm keeping the public updated in the NEWS whats goin on with him. We should see news reports and articles on this in the papers. However..National hero? All the billboards and ads on buses? WTF?

Its not like we freaking put him in space using Malaysian technology, or like he freaking built the rocket. Fair enough we didn't spend any money putting him up there (we had a deal with the Russians after we bought some of their jets) but really he's nothing more than a space tourist. Its not like he freaking climbed everest or sailed around the world or became the no 1 squash player, those things are freaking hard to do.

All he did was go for the training program in Russia, sit in the rocket, get blown into space, float around, come back down to earth..and this makes him a hero somehow? Ehhh even I also can do ok, you also can do, in fact just go into a mall, spin around in a circle until you get dizzy, close your eyes and just grab the first person you can. That person also can do.

My opinion. Good for him for being the 1st Malaysian in space, but its not a big of a deal as National Hero. Common..

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