Thursday, December 13, 2007

Idiot Criminals

Ok If your going to be a criminal it might help if you were a little smart.

Ok what happened was I got this call from this very dodgy lady claiming she's from Bursa somethin or rather and she wants to send me a servis card. So i'm like what the fuck is that? and she says it they are sendin this card to all VISA and MASTERCARD holders in Malaysia as a back up card incase you lose your card. ( a likely story)

That sounded like the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard. I use to work in bank for 3 years. So I was a bit suspicious. Then she says she needs to ask me information about my credit card to verify my details kononnya. She ask me for which bank I have a card with I tell her Citibank. A lie. I don't bank with them. But she continues asking if its VISA or MASTERCARD then asks for the expiry date. One thing I do know is that you never give any of your creditcard details over the phone to someone who calls you.

So I tell her in Malay that I think she's full of shit. She tries to defend herself but eventually I tell her i don't want her stupid card and hang up. Another thing is that this Idiot couldn't speak English. I mean what kind of customer service person can't speak English at all.

This scam is fairly simple I think. She knew my Name and phone number which is kinda scary, but thats it. The rest of my card info she planned to fish it from me. I was thinkin where could she possibly have gotten mydetails from. Then I remembered I submitted My name and phone number to this CALTEX lucky draw thingy a few days earlier. I have a strong suspicion it's from there.

Well trying to defraud a DJ who use to be working in bank is like the worst possible person you can call. On my next show and a few more shows after that and a few more shows to come I'll be sure to annouce on National radio what this idiot tried to do and Myself and Jeremy are gonna come out with PSAs to warn people of these idiots. Oh yeah and you guys be carefull too.

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